Saturday, March 19, 2011


Creating this land called Yulokod is where my  attention is  now. Sitting with this, I see nothing. I expected to see the entire vision come in and yet it has remained empty, empty of form. This morning I penetrate this deeper and hear to begin with what is needed in this moment of time. Begin with the vision of what my personal needs are and then the rest will flow. Still this seems beyond the realm of possibility, to begin to create without the resources already in place; but that is what is being shown to do. When I contemplate this, it is definitely stretching my mind open to what creativity is. One point, one beginning stroke not knowing the outcome. One placement of color, one brick, one cornerstone placed, is the beginning. It is as if these actions made with pure motivation are what is called for, nothing more. No call has been made to gather resources or create grand plans and designs. The beginning is the opening of the point for the light to begin to enter.

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