Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Blessing Shower

A Blessing Shower

Last night while sitting with someone, listening to their description of the anxiety that seems to mask their confidence, both of us became aware of a blessing shower, a transmission that lasted throughout our time together. We openly explored the gift and realized that clarity was totally present, no thoughts were present as obstacles, there was the sense of a strong current running through our shared experience and certainly happiness.

During the session it came to me to recommend the book "Turning the Mind into an Ally" by Sakyong Mipham. A lot of other guidance came through for my friend. He was given clear instructions to begin training his mind and the book to aid his commitment. He was told that he would reach enlightenment in this lifetime.

I was touched. I had a sensation of surprise as the guidance was given to him and the need for him to embrace the teachings that were being offered him.

I notice that it isn't unusual for a shower of blessings to come when he comes over. He seems to open to the field of blisss immediately.

The book I mentioned is really a good book for anyone who is working with their mind. I may even like it the best of all I have encountered.

I am sitting in peace presently awaiting any thief of thought to dare to disturb it. Oh well, maybe the house is not empty yet. I guess that is the next thought to dissolve. Now, this self, this 'I' is just a thought also. Hmmmmmm Every contraction brings the opportunity for burning through to the core of emptiness/boddhichitta/choiceless awareness.

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