Thursday, March 10, 2011

Situations Occur according to karmic readiness

This time is and has always been layered in present moment as many other experiences are. The way situations arise are according to the karmic readiness of the individuals, the being that is to experience it.

Judging and taking responsibility for other's experience and their reactions to them is not fruitful. The actions that serve are the actions that come from your heart and give joy and delight to your days. The act or reaction of judgement is habitual and brings suffering in it's wake. The dance of celebration and offering light and beauty and movement to the Mother brings in light and joy.. It is the way of blessing. And so let your day be filled with such a dance and make offerings for all you meet. Do not get bogged down in the conversion of their reactions, as that is not possible; and you will meet resistance. You are not here to serve resistance; you are here to give glory to the Mother.

There is no way to judge any one or any situation as good or bad; for there is no way to understand the mystery at work bringing the grace that is needed. The essence of all that arises is emptiness/awareness/compassion. It is always so; and that is the heart of all creation. Allow the unfolding to take place without acting to change or modify, in anyway, what is ocurring. Bring a heart of presence to each person you meet. It is what you do have to give.

This time is dark and full of ones with great resistance to the light. Their time will bring them many opportunities to choose freedom and light. The most powerful gift you have is your presence and your practice. Allow that to be enough and go on dancing with your heart full of service.

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