Monday, March 21, 2011

Fractured view

This morning there is a seeing of the fractured view that has been the familiar way of seeing for all my life. I can see now that this way of seeing 'me and you' as separate is a splitting of Truth. I see that the habit of this way of seeing has been a fractured labeling of the Oneness. The sense that there is this other person or plant or animal or structure of form that is not me and then projecting onto this disowned appearance what I do not or can not own from my state of beliefs of who I am, is the reaction that is inherent in this deluded way of seeing the world.

Now, I see how suffering is created! When I see my dog as needy and I hold the belief of separation, then I can blame her for not being satisfied with the circumstances of the moment. If however, I drop the separate seeing and simply allow my experience, with out any projection of other, than I will feel some sensation, something that is wanting to flow and the action will spontaneously evolve from within the perfection of oneness. This will halt the abuse of misidentification and controlling of otherness.

What I see initially is simply perfect until I place it outside of the moment arising and give it a label and a judgement "too needy or too noisy or old or etc". I don't even need to bring the projection back unless it is contracting somewhere. And yet if there is still a contraction in my experience, I can then realize that without the view of oneness, I am needing the other to be different; and that is being "too needy"!

With out seeing dog and self there will be no separation in the mind and then there will be acceptance of what is arising as one appearance flowering after another. This is the union of what has been split and separated and labeled and used to promote the egoic identity of specialness and dominance.

Yesterday's group revealed this amazing teaching or correction of view. It was so clear how we all fracture our reality into these pieces of otherness or not me ness; and then we habitually build our separate special identity that is not like the other and dance our dance of subject/object. I have read this and heard this over and over again in all the great teachings. I have contemplated the union of opposites and the collapse of the mind of duality. This seeing is such a jewel of awakening!

So in each moment, all appearances that are arising within my sphere are simply appearances. There is no otherness and yet they are not me ness either lest I use them to build a new state of egoic identity. They are beyond all labeling and judging and referencing. The appearances and the experiences of sensations that occur within this "me" sphere of experience are simply what is arising in this moment and then they will dissolve again and arise differently in the next moment or disappear completely. There is no longer any validity in seeing separation and using it to establish a Story about "ME" and 'YOU". The story cannot construct itself without this fragmented view and then of course suffering will cease.

Let this Truth be stabilized in all my moments with the awareness of Oneness today!

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