Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Mother's message

The Mother:

In your heart is
the purpose of your incarnation! In your heart is the opening to the great way and the sublime path within this dream of duality. Stop trying to live inside the concept of emptiness, release this point of reference for it is limiting. Your heart knows the joy of it's completion and expression. Allow this to open now and lift you from the baggage of conceptual attainment. There is nothing to attain but the freedom of your heart, unfettered by obstacles of conceptual birth.

You are naturally free and loving, flying like a bird without tracks in the sky. You are the child and the joy of the Mother. You are the vessel of my birth and the voice of my heart and the eyes of my visioning.  My vision unfolds through your surrender. You discern the vibrations in sounds, the energies calling and resisting my blessing.

Today, now, in this very instant, you receive the message that has always been coming since the beginning of time. This acceptance, this opening, allows revelation to come through the form of your body/mind.

Formless, the Mother takes form in this and every moment. As you surrender, separation and story, past and future, are released; and revelations from the stream of Tara arise. One moment is a yes, one moment is a no, back and forth you have swung between clinging to the false form and opening to the flow of the Mother.

There is an open invitation to allow this flow, this stream, to express continuously now. The discrimination has occurred and the realization stabilizing. My expression comes as this surrender and opening are engaged.

The MOTHER vibrations are carried on the letters of language when experience is pure and empty of story. The story maker is surrendered to the moment, where no story can arise. This surrender is the opening for the light, the stream of the Mother. This surrender opens the heart's expression whether in words, actions or revelations.

The only way to enter this true service is to release the attachment to self and allow the flow of the Mother's heart to rise and express. There is no need to wait, for each moment has it's meeting with this love. Each moment surfaces like a newborn child to be nurtured and held in astonishment.

Mother feeds her child and child is filled with Mother's blessing, Mother's milk! Do you see this is the way of your heart? Be blessed today by blessing! Be open today by opening to selflessness, storyless of past and future.

A great tree is arising in the West, the new light coming from the beginning has reached it's destination! The tree, the branches and the leaves, the turquoise leaves of Yulokod fill the heart's of many.

The Mother is weaving her shawl, her carpet, her web of light throughout all creation!

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