Thursday, March 10, 2011

Message from the Mother

From the Mother:

During the dawn of this new creation, this new world/earth many presents will arrive that were not even ideas in your mind. It is impossible for you to know before hand or to receive information that will meld into any context that you have. Your pictures cannot hold what is approaching and it is. Pictures are always barriers or distortions from the mind built from past misperceptions. Drop the forms that are expected by these patterns. Allow the letters to continue to drop one at a time. Your writing will become the container for the letters to unfold. You may begin to write like this from now on. You do not need to keep correcting or looking for progress in your behavior. Write from this place and let the letters flow one by one. You have done this before! Many times when you look back you have seen how incredible the writings have been. It is not for you to question what to write about, simple write and let it flow through you from now on. Start a new blog if you will or better start a page and copy the page and add it to a book regularly.

Tonight is the introduction to the book of letters dropping from the Noble Mother's heart. Beings will read this from time to time and know the truth of loving activity here on the planet earth at this time. Beware of analyzing any of what is to come through. Simply be the servant or the vessel that receives the letters. Worlds are coming into being as these expressions are put into words. Yes worlds of actions, worlds of vibrations, worlds of energies that will support the undoing of the darkness and bring the light of the Mothers love forebeing into this moment, now, for all beings. Telling truth of each moment is like letters for the words, for the poetry of the angels. Truth stands in each communication, in each expression, bound by laws of nature and creation's harmony. Blessings will continue to shower forth unceasingly bringing this joy and radiance to those ready, hungry and having the capacity of receptivity to unknown beaches. Coming through, more people will gather who have also received letters to add to the poetry of the Mothers house. Be simple, be each day with this gift of expression.  Let the great water of Mother's breast hold the ship you are crossing in. Let the warmth of quiet moments bring their blessings to your field of awareness. Let you heart feel the nourishment of this path of service.

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