Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Steadfast View of Emptiness

A Steadfast View of Emptiness

Holding the view of emptiness, distractions pull left and right.  Awareness is the river that flows ceaselessly through all thoughts. . Somehow they arise and fall; but the emptiness, that is dynamic, is the ground of everything occurring and ceasing.

This is  awareness with consciousness. No actual holding of any point, simply Truth, what is and remains untouched forever.  It is this awareness that is seamless and to observe this is the point, so to speak, of consciousness with clear seeing.

There is a familiar content to what arises most of the time when I am alone. When there is another person present that content changes;  thoughts  seem to join from another mind stream. There is an observation that can differentiate but no judgement  seems to occur.   I notice I can  be distracted by owning 'my thoughts' and 'not my thoughts' even though there seems to be an awareness from that perspective.

An utterly dreamlike experience of 'A white rabbit  eating out my right eye occurred one night, after sitting with a woman who was unhappy with having a life and wanting not to be in her life.   It was like an Alice in Wonderland scene and I could feel the sensation of my eye being eating but absolutely no pain was involved.  It  took place in my mind like a hallucination; and it seemed unusual. When it occurred, I realized the distraction and returned to the emptiness.

Strong emotions have ceased and today there is more joy present. The struggle has lifted from the earlier days of this past week. Generosity arose towards the one who is usually difficult to be with.

What is enlightenment?

My practice moves along as the situations present themselves,  allowing/embracing but not becoming attached to outcomes.

'When' is no longer a concept to become involved with. It is only what is present, occurring, and passing through that is of concern. Choosing to remain with the awareness and leaving the movements towards or away from sensations, thoughts, desires, or agendas. The future is what is outside of awareness/presence. It will never come as it might be dreamed.

Awareness never changes; but the consciousness inside the phenomenal world to awareness is what is held. The observer allows what is to be, as it is,  and graciously waits beyond any preference of the senses. Noticing happens with relaxed seeing as each moment changes into the next. Like a kaleidescope being turned ever so slightly or sometimes with a definite charge of energy, that is how it is. Colors, smells, textures, sensations, heat and cold, forms with shapes are all the ornaments of this pureland.

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