Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cleansing of the Earth

All forms arise from thought vibrations created in giving attention to a thought arisen in mind. The first notion, the instant of conception, is a thought that is placed in accord with a vibratory motive that awareness gives time and space to. The mind is full of deluded fantasies; and out of those form the continuous experiences that befall mankind and all beings.

Untrained and untamed the fruits of this imagination are cycles of burdening experiences touching every aspect of life here on earth. These forms arise with legacies of destruction, already present, encoded in habits and tendencies, like time capsules waiting to release the poisons within.

It is now that the Mother comes to quell the madness and transform the poisoned mindstream with the delicate transmission of light that opens the hearts of the cast of players in this dark game.

Petty motives surround the living forms, poisoned and hostile leaders control large camps of sentient beings with promises of beauty, wealth, longevity, power. In fact none of these states of being is possible, for the body is but a rented shelter designed with a time limit and a final date of occupancy.

This morning is the time of the seeing of the darkness. It is with the light of the Mother, that the veil of denial is lifted and the coming of realization occurs for those, who can see and hold the seeing, with the unbiased heart of benevolence. This heart of seeing is stretched in it's capacity to allow and release reaction towards what is opened and revealed.

The work or the activity of this day, this time, is to withhold self involvement and return to the noble heart of Mother before reaction occurs. The key to this turning is in the ability to hold, to maintain ones vigilance and serve the heart of the Mother in all experiences.

Grief is not to be suppressed and yet it is not to be danced with as in righteousness. Allow the grief to flow without attaching to objects and without retrieving the habit of separation of personal self-hood.

Human mind is little mind limited by the reference to being separate and having a special point of view to guard. Big Mind or Heart/Mind is without a reference of specialness or separateness. It is the flow of nectar that occurs spontaneously from the Mother and those beings who have surrendered into the stream of Mother.

Surrender is the activity, surrender inside each moment to the spaciousness of light and truth. Compassion will arise amidst the emptiness of no bias and no self. Peace will emanating as the construct of separation devolves. The dream will show it's face and the Mother's Blessing will carry beings forth.

Practice placing your point of reference into the basket of offerings that lay upon the altar requesting transformation from the Mother. Let your attachment to your point of view, your personal safety, your self esteem, your rights, your life, your comfort, your healing, all be given over in every moment. Blend with the Mother's will and peace will capture the vibration of darkness and pierce the layers of suffering.

There is no job to change this planet, yet, it will occur; the activity is to surrender the point of personal self-hood and it's myriad of attachments and allow the flow of experience to cleanse the mind of painful fantasies.

The point is missed when the world is seen as the object to be maintained for survival. That is not the case. The ideas of position and extinction, ecological imbalance are mirrors of the great darkness of the mind stream here on planet earth. The symptoms are treated with realization of the root cause not otherwise. All effort and activity now is but bargaining with karma and yet there is no bargaining with cause and effect. It is what it is. Entrance into Truth is the path to transformation. The mirror cannot be changed only the one who is being mirrored can effect the reflection.

The cleansing of the earth will take place through the cleansing of the mind stream of mankind. Spontaneous activity will occur to create new energies and fields of freedom for children. Education will not live to suppress the innocent. Every garden of cultivation will sow mindful activities for all beings. The mind that became en-darkened will transform using the darkness to access the light within. Remember both are needed; and then the reaction will be quelled, as you continue to bring you heart to matters of experience that confront you daily.

Both are necessary for the transformation to occur. It is through this perfection that the great moment will be realized and the darkness of duality in the mind stream will cease to have power to create suffering. Be present for the piercing of the veil and your hearts will be released from the captivity of the dream.


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