Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our own unique mandala

Each being has it's own particular mandala of beings interacting with it over each lifetime. Every day, as one passes through the journey of life, these friends bring forth mirrors of one's lost or disowned, separated out, parts so to speak. Because of the dualistic mind which is always entertaining preference and morality or rejecting what is not acceptable to the mental, there are many rejected forms and situations that continue to manifest in ones field. In order to find the peace of wholeness, it is necessary to accept all attributes as mine. The order of separation must cease; and the field of separate, unique, forms that please and displease, must be dissolved, in order to reach the Truth of life and who you are. The process of dissolving this abyss of projection is the path of the heart. Each person, each situation, brings an opportunity to mend the divide and release the judgmental mind.

We gravitate towards the objects that we deem perfect, beautiful, intelligent, charismatic and reject those beings we see as imperfect, threatening our picture of security. Those beings and situations that arouse fear, that we use to create distance from, that anger us and shame us, are the situations we caste aside and avoid.  Each being has certain particular avoidances. Some avoid imperfection, some avoid those appearing needy, those that threaten failure, those that appear ordinary, those that threaten ones idea of security, weakness, generosity, sobriety, inner investigation and so on. All experiences work for the good of each being, bringing challenge to the resistant egoic stances.

As you walk through your day, be aware of the many chances that are presented to dissolve the great divide in your mental activity. Be present to the surfacing of nauseous feelings, anger, tightening of the muscles, and the quality of the breathing. The body records the grasping and rejecting reactions and it is there that attention can recognize the separation and bring light to the suffering that is present.

Be aware of each movement and see how that awareness can open opportunity for redemption.

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