Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writing down the syllables

It was spoken to myself and Regina I think

Together you are gathering, risking, holding the blessing of service to all beings. Small steps taken with courage build the foundation of lasting peace. The moment calls for activity and listening, back and forth, one depending on the other. Two work side by side to see, to hear, to receive the vibrations of creative formulation. There is movement beyond what can be known, there is light beyond the colors, there is sound beyond the tone and it is for the sake of the children coming Home.

Bring your silence together with your heart's longing. Bring your vision into the light of serving each moment without compromise ,without holding back. Each moment is sacred. Each second holds the possibility of joy within your motivation,your aspiration, to allow your full potential.

Without recourse, it is this way to spread ones wings that leads to the fullness of compassion. This is not, is not, a personal foundation rather it is to found that which holds the key to realization of love on a grand scale. The key to open the bonds of limitation is to bring all of your talents, all of your gifts, resources, comforts to the basket that will serve all of beings.

Withhold nothing, step forward without thinking of the loss, the outcome, the gain. Simply give and receive, serving what is opening in each moment. Realize the power of humility, realize the strength of fearlessness, realize the joy of unbounded generosity. This is your path, the path that opens doors to the heart, the Heart of Life, fulfillment.

Your simple life, your 'yes' is all that is needed. Do not measure the giving, do not look and weigh the costs, just stay grounded in the need of each moment. Each new moment is a birth, is an embrace of what is opening to be received,  with the arms of compassion and wisdom.

You follow a great wave of dharma flow. This stream of words, actions, revelations, creations is given in this time. It is being given because you have arrived to receive it and you, the two of you are available to let the realms of the Arya Tara find expression.

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