Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Confidence in Emptiness

Confidence in Emptiness

There is only one direction, one path.   The destination and the path are present in the beginning with the motivation; and I must simply ride this horse steadfastly through the gate.  Looking neither to the right or the left, the breath is the wind on which to travel towards the Eastern Sun.  It is not that the destination is far away, for the Sun is My Heart arising full of light and emptiness.  All other directions are simply the pulls of attachments and habits that have promised some kind of personal gain.  

Allowing everything to be surrendered to the path of this heart is the action.  There is only one way to Truth and Freedom.  Take it now!  Nothing needs to be tied up or even completed when this is embraced.  I sit here watching the mental digressions that want to be considered; and I just look beyond them all. Beyond is the best way to describe it.  It is not looking away or towards anything but being confident that this light, this Heart that is opening, is all that matters.

No future nor past can call when I have found the portal beyond these times and dualities.  Holding the reins of the windhorse and riding on through is the task at hand.

No sadness, no heaviness needs to be solved or dissolved first.  These are simply and always the phantoms of thoughts that ride along the side of the path.  Riding through the shadows towards the doorway into the light, as the threshold is crossed, is the way.   Penetrating what is and has always been waiting beyond the mental fabrications. I arrive without the chains of selfhood,.

Confidence, confidence in the view, confidence in the path, that is the secret here.  When there is this confidence, then whatever appears as real is dispersed by the steadfast confidence in the heart of wisdom. That is the goal.  That is the path also and it is the fruit of the journey.  The Eastern Sun, riding forward into and beyond all forms and thoughts and emotions, is the ground of arrival which is and has always been present beneath the veils of confusion, the veils of 'me' and my needs and wants and desires!


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