Thursday, March 10, 2011

Message from the Mother


Blessings go forth from the strength that is held in abiding in wisdom. These blessings are the showers that support and remove or dissolve the karma and the obstacles for those who depend upon you. It is not apparent, the power of this stance; and yet you are being informed that it is the most potent force possible. Actions, the mode of doing, is not the best use of your life force. There is this tendancy to get hooked by the perceptions and interactions that occur while engaging in such efforts. Wait for the movement to arise without the influence of guilt, effort, worry and fear. Wait for the moment and allow my love to move you, not the complusions of your thinking mind.

The light is now spreading and gathering towards this place of power and glory of the Mother. Spend your time abiding in the soft presence that is now radiating throughout this land and home. There is no plan simply the unfolding of The Mother's Activity happening now.

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