Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nothing to teach

Nothing to Teach

There is nothing to teach here. This writing offers me a meditation on my own journey, to realize empty/awareness, that simple acceptance of what is, as it continues to arise.

My goal is to dissolve completely all effort and grasping at any goal. Walking on a path that dissolves behind me ,I take the next step towards what cannot yet be seen. In my deepest heart is the yearning to become completely the Heart of Tara here in the world. This continuing is all that can be held in an unyielding practice. Falling is necessary, and only seen by a mind that measures and sees failure. There is no possible failure just being with whatever is arising in each moment. There is no gain and no loss in this simple meditation. There is no audience of applause nor condemnation beyond my own mind.

Taking from the world is actually the issue to be contemplated. Taking what, one might ask. Taking credit, taking attention, taking recognition, taking light for the false self......... Yes, the egoic identiy loves to be recognized and given credence...... But alas it is all folly! There is nothing and no one that can give this to the entity that is simply illusion anyway.

How the 'i' searches for some place to reify itself constantly....whew! " See me, look at me, aren't I special", it beckons to the crowd of phantoms, parading as separate beings, in this realm. " Let 'me' control this one, teach that one, correct this situation, so 'i' am satisfied with my stance". Running the show is hopeless. For the show is simply an illusion, which is always dissolving from moment to moment. Nothing is permanent to establish any set identity inside of anyway. Watch it all bubble away in the next moment or hour.

Who is it that is trying to get it right or get some kind of recognition, for nothing. When will there be a recognition of this habit of grasping for a place where there is no place. What is the use to waste effort in such a useless project.

OK, enough. I want to sit in the silence of Truth, sit with this game, and cease the wandering of the mind that only has one motive, the seeking of existence and power.

The heart is not interested. The heart is only happy in the release of this grasping and in coming home to itself. Home which is always present under the crowd of lapses into distraction. Home, the abidance in what is beyond this mental fabrication.

May this awareness remain steadfast so that this joy may be realized!

I am alone completely with the canvas and the paint. I am the creator and what is painted is that which expresses my heart. Taking nothing from the world, no fame, no recognition, no conversation, I allow the colors to place themselves upon the canvas.

Today may I walk gently on my path! May I hold to what is true and let go of what is crap! That's my prayer.........

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