Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burning Up Strong Emotions

Burning Up Strong Emotions  August 2008

Today seems to be a day for the burning up the strong emotions that have arisen because of  my attachments.  Feeling the sensations,  I am committed to and devoted to the path of Heart.  So I need to let go of having space, quiet,  and the desire not be disturbed by the person I am living with.

I pray for the stamina not to react to the relentless intrusions that seem to arise throughout the days. Let this 'disturbable me' dissolve, along with the reaction of needing things to be different then they are.

I seek the ground that can hold this with stability, without flickering inside the wind of chaos.

Can I have  no agenda, no control,  plan of management, no winning, no losing? Can I have no need for anything than what is? Can there be no movement away to avoid and no movement towards to manipulate the situations that occur throughout this day? This is my prayer!

Can there be great progress and immediate attainment of the state of Wisdom and Compassion?

For all of this, I ask help from the MOTHER.

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