Thursday, March 10, 2011

A world full of beggars

This world is full of beggars wandering around, homeless, looking for recognition, fame, love, payment for their ways of prostitution, leaning into each other hopelessly and waiting to receive something to fill their pockets. It is as if we are all standing on street corners with a sign Homeless, please help! The help is already present and yet it is not recognized.

The jewel in the heart awaits the prodigal son and daughter to return home. The seat, the throne is vacant of the holder. Postponement reigns in the folly of worldly concerns and self deluded systems.

There is such a sweet nectar and rest once the realization occurs. The ones of wisdom keep bringing the Truth lifetime after lifetime. The flow of compassion exists in each and every moment of your life. The invitation now and always is to come Home and leave the toys of dualism and suffering behind. Come, come, whoever you are! The feast is prepared and the celebration of your homecoming is immanent.

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