Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Opening the gate that blocks the Heart

This morning early, while beginning to pull the threads of mind back from the places they had scattered during the night, I spontaneously heard a question arise to my spirit beings/guides.
I was wanting more clarity about how to open the gate they told me about in my reading.  How, oh how, do I open this gate and what is the gate referring to, that only I can open?

I knew a message was going to come through then and grabbed for a notebook.  The following is what was transmitted to me.

Opening Gate
revealing attachments
human noble

The gate of which you speak is a gate of restriction.  There is holding back that seems fearful of running, of dancing, of singing-----This has occurred from time spent hiding self to remove self from abuse, from criticism, from judgement.  so now you can have what is yours truly, the sunny temperament and joy when there is a lifting of this force.  You fear also your own temper, your natural passions when squashed, when held back, suppressed, create blocks of pent up energy.

Allow movement without seeking outcome from world.  Allow movements without cutting and using  mental pictures of what is right movement, good movement, wrong movement.

Let efforting go, let the structures of mental conditioning - who you should be in situations, dissolve.  Like Gemma humping the dog Kane = she is moving from her freedom, no rules restrict her.  She simply reveals her affections for the other dog.

What if you revealed your affection for J?  What if you let her be close to you and drop your boundary?  Let the role go and be who you are! Let go of distancing people with your boundaries.  Get on with life and let go of managing, controlling, creating these cages to protect you from others.

What moves you?  What makes your heart sing? dance? play?
Feel the cages your mind creates!
Then drop into your heart and let go of the pictures.
See, feel in spontaneous presence what arises.

The mind is the shadow creator, it is the block to Heart.  Simply continue to bring awareness back now to the heart song.

What are the noble attachments that were spoken of in reading.

Yes they are your pictures of teacher/ student roles, mother roles with sons, family roles with R. coming-  old pictures to please, to serve what is expected.   These keep you frozen in old way, expected ways, prescribed by conditioning training.

Great responsibility structures, cages, are attached to these roles.  Responsibility forms which reify a separate self, which keep from receiving others, keep others at distance!

Open Gate and this shadow/door transforms into portal for oneness/ultimate presence.  No other!

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