Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today I feel insecure and crest fallen!  My story is t’hat people aren’t flocking to here the teachings that that must mean I am not doing this well for Tara.  I seem to always be not enough for my agenda and my pictures of bringing Tara forth.’

How to stay here in this moment and not feed the loop of not enoughness.  Practice brings me into the depth of these feelings.  Experiences of being not well continue to plague my days and weeks.  I am suffering in this moment so how to liberate?

Bring your attention to ordinary presence and out of the projection of self and others.  Place your awareness inside you heart with compassion, gently allowing this mood to arise as it is with out any why or because or story involving attachment to a self.

You are not this experience and yet it is asking to be received, allowed graciously.  It is a misrepresented presentation that asks for attention.  That is all.  Nothing more.  Do not weave any story around it  There is no because to create.  Here beyond duality the luminescence shines purely and continuously!

And now you are one with Tara!

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