Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bring all your addictions, faults and failing to the Mother

You can bring your faults and failings to the Mother.

Do not try to correct or remove them with the energy of ego mind. Many flock today to these groups of recovery, but the recovery is mired in the egos flood of shame, guilt, and confession in a way that brings popularity to these experiences of failure. Glamour comes in many flavors and menus of fixing and correcting what is wrong only to suppress the deeper struggle within. Ego identity is the source of this addiction thinking. It is all about self absorbtion, basking in the minds techniques that bring a self forward as real and broken and addicted to some substance. The real addiction is to the thought, 'I am real'. This I is the source of the problem not the substance. What are you medicating from?, feeling, experience that will undo your claim to specialness and separateness.

You are invited into this moment, pure and simple. Bring all that your are, the awareness that is yours, to what is; and be with that without claiming another story of recovery. Recover from the 'fleeing' from 'what is' now arising in your field of experience. Recover from running to something that sounds more noble, more exciting, more noteworthy and allow yourself to abide here with this beat of pulse, this ticking of seconds, bird songs, wind whispers. Watch the cat stretch after napping all afternoon and the dog groan in her corner from winter days of rain and sleet and snow. Be silent with the gray sky and the shadow that is cast by early evening on another day. Silent with 'what is' opening in this ordinary moment of aloneness. No stimulation to distance 'you' from the solitude of being present.

Life, what is it for anyway but to finally recognize that what you see and hear and taste is what you make of it. What you feel is what ever thoughts you engage in you fantasy of inner dramas. It is yours to enter into or stand outside in a plethora of lies and projections. The choice is available and the awareness is present.

Stillness is what is here. When will you realize it is 'all' right here and it is 'all' happening perfectly. Nothing needs to be controlled and you are not to be a project to be changed for any role in life. What happens is what is flowing and your only choice is whether to flow with this great river of life or resist with some other thought. Thought about 'me', what 'i' should be doing, making, being, fixing, even thinking about.

And so tonight let it be. Let the thought of being different, doing something better, whatever is seducing you in the 'mental' be realized and let it release. Be still and know what is and allow it to be enough as it is without any further thought of you, who you are, what you should be doing or not doing.

Let go of this fo

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