Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writing the Mother's Book

My writing has turned to the channeling of The Mother's Book. It appears that this blog was more about personal perceptions and the undoing of wrong views in the reference point of an I. Recently, the realization has occured that there is the possibility of going to The Mother and allowing her to write through this vessel, or vehicle. It has been a practice of listening to what wants to form into words through a wisdom channel. My own writing is more Virgo oriented in that most of the writing was in retrospect a reporting of judgement about the experiences that were taking place in the personal I realm.

Now I move into another track which is to serve the place that doesn't know what words are wanting to be laid down or the order that they want to come in. It is not pointing at my own personal reference point but more about the teachings that the Mother wishes to release into the world. I am committed to pursueing this course and leaving the personal for what it is, simple judgement of past experiences through my critical mind.

With this said I turn to that which is my deepest desire, which is to serve The Mother.

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