Saturday, March 19, 2011

The dreaming

It is a cold December morning. The rooster across the street announces the day with all his heart!

Awaken, awaken and realize this is a dream.

Realize this very real experience is nothing more than hallucination, perfect hallucination. Everything you experience happening outside of 'you' is really inside your mindstream. This mindstream is the author of these powerful experiences and they satisfy all the senses of awareness. ( Satisfy, meaning fulfill the senses with experience'; sound, smell, taste, touch, seeing......... ) It could be likened to a fantastic performance lasting a lifetime.

As the awakening occurs the veil softens becoming more and more transparent and the attachment to the personal identity become less and less of an obstacle to the Truth.

This morning in mindstream, I say it is December and I name the sound Rooster and I place it across the street. I feel it is occurring outside but in fact it is all here inside this dreamer. When did the dream begin? When the mind of duality and separation arise as real?

I am the morning, I am the rooster crowing myself awake........ the dream is feeling more and more dreamlike and less able to create suffering.

I am the morning, I am the rooster crowing all beings awake, I am the cold, I am the air, I am the emptiness that holds it all with great compassion. Nothing and everything dancing together without suffering!

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