Monday, March 21, 2011

Waking from the dream

So what ever we project onto situations with judgement is our karmic view.  We bring the past into the present, over and over again, with the same vibration of fear and judgement, and relive it until we don't.  That is waking up from the dream.  When we see that we are reacting to our mind and repeatedly creating the same feelings of fear, anger, sadness, jealousy....whatever; then we can begin to handle them with wisdom and compassion........  And as soon as the situation is seen through, with this view of wisdom, the story will unravel; and balance will be restored.

You could say this is the compassionate activity of an awakened mind towards ourselves and others.  Of course, every thing that is needed in the physical is attended to.  But the attendance is done with out all that story of blame and anger, the poisons of the mind.  The field is filled with peace instead of fretting and worrying and all the stories that we hook onto our experiences.

Karmic tendencies are  experiences overlaid with a view of separation, subject/object.  Once we started to see others as separate from ourselves, we started to blame them.  This is the disease of the dualistic mind.  Nothing can ever be accomplished until this is handled at the root.  Cutting the root is the wisdom activity that clarity accomplishes.  The human mind is habituated to seeing with this lens of duality; so it is quite a remarkable shift to see with a wisdom mind.  Some would call it Buddha consciousness others would call it Christ consciousness; but it can be my consciousness too.  This consciousness is our true mind.  We just have to remove these veils that have formed such a crust of judgement over our hearts.

The experience of the dogs and the seeing through the incident is now clearing.  There is a great peace here this morning.  There is no residual replaying of the drama.  Is it completely cleared?  That will only be known when I meet a similar experience again.  Every moment offers us something to clear though, something to bring the wisdom mind forward and through the habitual way of seeing.

This is the end of judgement, this way of seeing and the living inside of freedom.  I hope it is clear that life will continue to happen the same as before; but the seeing, the way of holding events and experiences, is liberated with wisdom and compassion.  The struggle ceases, the resistance to reality goes and we just keep feeling and being present as love in the midst of everything.

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