Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gratitude of Heart instead of the You and Me Mind

Gratitude, entering each moment with my heart, is the way I am wanting to move into what is arising today.  It is different then the habitual way of protecting 'me' from each moment of chaos that occurs.  It is such a simple way to be. regardless of what experience is arising, or what thoughts are jumping up and down from the mental delirium or ignorance, or  anger, greed and dullness. 

The conditioned mental view has always one of those roots expressing itself as in 'black dispersion'.  Me is deeply invested in the pollution of  mental fabrication, which secures a separate existence from otherness. It's so habitual.  It's always you separate from me, never you are mirroring me or I am you, we are one.  No, it's let me get what I want, I need it more than you, I have less than you, you have more than me........You hurt me...You caused me to suffer................  And this is what contracts my heart.

OK, gratitude, a grateful heart, is what I want to enter each moment with.  Gratitude, in what ever form of service is called for in that moment, is my path!  That's it!  If that is not happening, then I must be aware and ever so present with the emotional disturbance that is occurring. I must check my view and cease to see otherness and separation and, reenter the moment.  Simply abide in the experience, as it is the portal into the heart.

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