Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dream Fabric of the Night

"May I clearly perceive all experiences to be as insubstantial as the dream fabric of the night and instantly awaken to perceive the pure wisdom display in the arising of every phenomenon."

This is my request today, as I sit and bring my awareness into focus. This morning the magic of this prayer is easily perceived in the silence of the new snowfall. A world of black and white is presenting itself in great stillness. . Such a virginal world is set before me. Untouched for now, as is the view of wisdom and compassion untouched by labels and judgements.

Many times during the days I remind my self of this pure view of life, this wisdom display. This view that sees and feels beyond and yet within the world of reaction, projection, preference and judgement, which always dances around this idea of me. What peace there is in this practice of wisdom. What compassion arises when this view is the place I am standing.

There is this moment, yet untouched by this mind stream, arising, still and white. This moment, now, and this moment, like the shutter lens of a camera taking snaps second by second. Instantly it appears and then is gone. Like the snow falling, everything arising and falling so quickly, now, now, now. Why should I get stuck in some sticky belief of imperfection when it is all flowing inside this great expanse of awareness, perfectly.

This morning I bow to nature and it's splendid display of Truth! Always arising to reveal that which is beyond words, concepts, like the dream fabric of the night.

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