Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mary, Mother of Christ, Virgin Mother

Ave Maria , Christmas Eve, Holy Night, are all names pointing to the Christian story of Christ's Birth, the birth of Light! I sit here with Mary, the Great Womb of all creation. I know her as Tara now; but the name is only a label pointing to the same Mother Divine. And so today I will celebrate the Holy Womb of Mary.

How limited the teachings that were handed down to us by the Christian church, making Mary nothing more than a woman who had never had sex so that Christ could be born through her.

She is the Divine Mother, the Great Virgin, the Holy Perfection, the Spotless Womb of all creation. She is the Virgin that gives birth to those who come home to her, who return to the Truth of their essence. She is the Great Lotus Flower out of which all enlightened beings birth.

Holy Mary, I bow to you and honor your blessed womb this day. Ave Maria, I praise this possibility for all beings to return to you, the great sea of compassion and wisdom. You alone can give birth to this Light, this essence we hold with in us. You are the Mother Divine that awaits for her children to surrender their stories of false identities and separation and come back to the beginning, the essence, before names and forms were claimed. Oh Mother, mother of Christ, mother of Buddha, mother of Allah, mother of all enlightened beings, I honor you today. I pray for the union of Virgin Mother and Child, the dance of the Truth, the Great Perfection to take places in every heart that has wandered into the separation of self and other.

I see the dissolving of forms and labels as the Light of your heart births the pure and stainless essence in all of us. May we come home to this simple truth and give up our dances of different religions, traditions, and teachings. May all beings come home to you this night and birth Christ consciousness, Light, into this world.

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