Saturday, March 19, 2011

Experiencing is enough

My heart reaches into silence to restore itself. My heart is feeling an emptiness this morning. There is a sadness that seems to have arisen that is sitting in the center a bit to the right . It is pointed with a dull ache, resting in the deep center. Some question is hanging in the mind stream. Some question, some doubt, has visited this morning. I sit here to listen with a gentle non rejecting placement of attention. Sadness, aching, is arising and that can be enough for me to experience.

Story dances like a seductress at the edges of this experience and wisdom penetrates the core with compassion. Practice has led to this peace with what is. So many years of practice and falling down have come before this moment of aching and allowing to be possible! Even in this I am at peace now.

Movement extends over my right heart area, aching deepens, a grief of tears seems to want to arise. Tears come from the eyes. There is a flow arising from my heart, weeping, stinging sadness. A simple feeling received now......

My throat seems to harden now, the movement rising upward like a flowering of sorts. Reaching, reaching silently upward. A pressing down, pressing backwards sensation and then more tears arise. Who is weeping, who is so moved without a trace of story. Eyes wet now, warmth expanding throughout my chest. My throat now swallowing again and breathing, relaxed in its steady rhythm.

Sunrise, blue sky morning is fully arriving.

This, this presence is so exquisite. Each momentt rich with life. Rich with creation. Subtle spacious sitting in silence.

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